USAW 2019 High School Throwdown Rules

Video Submission Standards

Prior to lifting film the barbell and plates so that the loaded weight can be seen clearly. Edited videos will not be accepted. Place the camera in an efficient spot so that the entire lifter and barbell can be seen in the frame. If the lifter and barbell are not clearly visible, the results will not be counted. All videos must be submitted at the same time but can be filmed on seperate days. 

Video files must be named - First Name_Last Name_High School_Body Weight Category_Lift

Eligibility Requirements


High School Prizes

1st - Barbell and Banner

2nd - Banner

3rd - Banner

Top Athlete per Weight Class Prizes


Invitation to Rogue camp in Columbus, OH

Tie Breakers

High School:

The high school with the lowest number of lifters will be crowned champion


The lifter with the lowest body weight will be crowned champion