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Be sure to review video submission standards and requirements or your results will be void

  1. Fill out the entire form. Incomplete forms will be rejected
  2. Upload your preferred featured video at the top of the page
  3. Enter your details
  4. In the description box, please note the amount of your lift in kilos
  5. Upload each of your video files of your snatch and clean and jerk  - "Video Submission" 
  6. Video files must be named - MemberIDNumber_ClubName_LiftType
  7. Each video must show the barbell with weights loaded prior to the lift, and must include the lifter easily visible throughout. 
  8. Submit results

* Please note, videos of lifts taken in a sanctioned local meet will also be accepted. 

Video Submission Standards

Prior to lifting film the barbell and plates so that the loaded weight can be seen clearly. Edited videos will not be accepted. Place the camera in an efficient spot so that the entire lifter and barbell can be seen in the frame. If the lifter and barbell are not clearly visible, the results will not be counted. Video files must be named - Member ID number_Club name_Lift

IWF approved belts, knee sleeves, knee wraps, and wrist wraps are allowed. Click Here for IWF rules.

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